5 Tips On How To Manage Your Domestic Staff

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Domestic staff

Across the nation, people and businesses everywhere are practicing the guidelines for social distancing. Keeping yourself and your staff safe and healthy is of the utmost importance but what do you do when your staff is a leave out?

Truthfully, having a live in is probably the safest option. At this moment many are reluctant to let outside domestic staff into their houses for everyone’s safety. This is because many of the workers commute via public transportation. If you have a separate quarter or a bedroom, you could accommodate a live-in staff. Keeping your staff in your home is the best way to protect everyone.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your domestic staff.

If you have a live out staff, I recommend

  • Safe hygiene practices such as changing of clothes for staff before entering the home, wearing a mask inside the home, washing of hands and daily temperature checks prior to entering if you can afford it. Hand sanitizers, disposable gloves and facemasks should be kept in front of the house.

If you have a live-in staff, I recommend you,

  • Provide official working uniforms, you can get these from an agency or have a tailor make one.
  • Be conscious of their movements outside the house. If they must go the market, provide them with protection kits (sanitizer, hand gloves and facemasks).
  • Try and be responsible for their personal hygiene, as you do not want your home to be filled with an unpleasant smell.
  • Always be security conscious. Be conscious in your conversations and their dealings with your children.

If you are hiring a new domestic staff, here are also basic precautions

  • Ask about their knowledge of COVID-19 and the current situation at large.
  • Make enquiries about their travel and commuting history.
  • Conduct background and verification checks. Always insist on speaking to an ex-employer.
  • Conduct a domestic staff medical screening at a reputable clinic or hospital.
  • Employ a domestic staff that fits your family setting.

Above all, take time to reevaluate their performances from time to time and show appreciation for services to you. It doesn’t hurt to say “Thank you, you are doing an amazing job” from time to time. Sourcing a good staff is only one aspect of an employer’s challenge, retaining and managing that staff is the other key ingredient.

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