6 Tips To Avoid Common Issues With Your Nanny

The mix of professional and personal interactions with your nanny can make your relationship a lot more difficult to manage. Having stated this, the best approach is to see your nanny as both a family member, and an employee and treat her as one. 

For your children especially, having a nanny is a rewarding experience you definitely should not miss out on! However, you will have a bit more professional relationship with your nanny, so it’s great idea to understand some of the common problems with employing a nanny, and how to deal with them.

If you have a nanny, below are a few tips on managing a nanny, and advice on how to avoid issues. 

Maintain a schedule

Every parent should have a well-managed schedule that is followed on a daily. Fitting your nanny into your schedule is very important – and though there might be a few problems at the beginning while you all get used to the new schedule – with enough time and patience, things will be much easier for you.

Also, ensure you go through your schedule with the nanny before the resumption of work. Be clear on each details, and ensure everything discussed is written down. To ensure that everything is well understood, make sure you have more reviews and talks to understand if the nanny is coping with the job. Don’t be rigid too – be sure to make allowances in the schedule in order to ensure things are done fairly and reasonably.

Don’t forget, communication is key

Communication is an important part of a working relationship. We highly recommend an 

a schedule planner that is put where it can be easily accessed.  This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and nothing comes off as a surprise. To keep the lines of communication open, it is great to have regular meetings and talk about issues, new rules or needs.

It’s normal that issues will arise but like any relationship, the more you communicate openly and talk things through, the better you will deal with problems when they happen.

Be reminded that once communication breaks down on either side, the home become more difficult to manage and the family will inevitably be affected. So remember to always maintain honest, open, and regular conversations because strong communication is the best strategy for a wonderful and rewarding working relationship.

Have a Contract and stick to it 

Do not ever have a nanny work for you without a contract. This shouldn’t be done! A contract ensures that everyone is clear on what is expected of them. Also,  do not deduct or add anything from the contract unless you’ve sat your nanny down to know her needs and opinions. If you want to add an extra task to the job, sit down and have a conversation about it with your nanny. In the same vein, if you’d like to remove a certain duty out of the contract, sit down and also converse about it.

A contract solves issues, saves time and sets clear expectations. 

Maintain Boundaries

Because the nanny is working in a personal environment,  it may be very difficult to maintain boundaries but this isn’t to say it can not be done. Have a great relationship with your nanny, but never forget to set clear boundaries in the home. Also, don’t overshare information that will make the work environment awkward or unaccommodating for your nanny. 

You can ‘spoil’ your nanny

You can find ways to tell your nanny thank you even beyond the words . Take special occasions seriously and give gifts – birthday presents, Christmas presents or just thank you presents. Many times nannies put your family first and giving them a little push once in a while is great! You could even say, “I’ll be home tomorrow, have a day off and just go enjoy yourself!” These small gifts of appreciation in words and gifts mean much more than you‘d ever imagine to your nanny.

Pay on Time

Let’s go back to the contract we discussed earlier and how you scheduled payments for your nanny. Ensure you pay her accordingly and don’t ever get too carried away that you forget to do so. That is one issue that could taint a good reputation quickly. Just be conscious and careful about paydays to ensure  that it doesn’t get missed.

In everything you do, remember that nannies also love having a great time and they love being in a happy and friendly environment. Just have a great time and know that you are each other’s backbone!

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