Do You Want to Chase Employers or You Want to be Chased?

The country is going through a tough phase economically and many organizations are bearing the brunt of this, sadly. It is painful but as an employee, you might fall under the group of people who are let go because the company wants to cut cost. What happens after this? 

You begin to hunt for job after job – and all you keep getting is rejection, from every corner. This can be quite frustrating and depressing. 

Chasing job/companies is hard work.  Networking is even more hard work.  Building your network isn’t a child’s game either.   Remember the saying “there is 6 degrees of separation between every person?”  With the advent of social media and the numerous effects of it, there is at least 2 to 3 degrees of separation between each person.

Know this – When you are chasing jobs and companies, you will mostly get depressed and bitter.  Why? Because you will be rejected a lot of times even when you think you deserve that particular job!  It is definitely a character building time in your life.  Remember though that not everything comes easy and If you really want something though, you should go after it because perseverance is key to success. 

Thinking ahead though, let’s switch the tables. Why not let the companies do the chasing? Do you know how good it feels to be chased? Well, let’s put it this way…… The rush of joy, oh the sheer joy you’ll feel, the gush of emotions and the spring that suddenly gives life to your steps. It’s utter bliss.

Get it? 

If you want to be chased, then you need to show that you are worth being chased. PUT ON YOUR “A GAME”. You have heard these words, we are almost certain, but reiterating them won’t hurt:

  1.  Your social media presence needs to stand out. LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs, and other platforms like Instagram are great social media platforms that every individual should leverage on.  People are search for those with your skills and the more visible you are, the more companies will reach out to you.
  2.  Make every connection count for you.  Don’t be afraid to do free work if it helps  you connect with as many people as you possibly can. Offer to render a service and watch how it pays off in the end. No one ever forgets a hardworking individual that goes out of their way for others.
  3.  Be Active. Be active with your health.  Be active in your community, don’t be nonchalant about causes.  Get involved with something that interests you and lend your voice or skill to that cause.
  4.  Always find ways to make yourself better.  Read. Read. Read. Stay on top of current trends.  Educate yourself further about a certain topic.  Learn more about technology. Ask questions! 

If you do these things, the chances of you being chased are tremendously higher.  If you are stuck in a circle of unemployment, once you do these things, you won’t ever have to worry about chasing companies or running around in circles anymore.  You will get chased. We promise.

The truth? Life is a lot easier when you feel desired and cherished and when people want to hire you because of your impressive skills! Make your skills work for you!

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