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What you should know about parenting

I am finally a parent!

How is it all going to be like? What is going to change? Who will my baby look like? Will I be able financially to buy and provide all I would need to raise a child? How do I cope with my work and my baby at the same time when I have to resume work? Do I get a nanny? Won’t the nanny affect my child negatively?

These are very few of the many questions many parents-to-be ask as the day their child is due draws closer. But, in the real sense, these aren’t the most important questions to be asking when we’re about to be parents.

I cannot say that this is the saying of a person, but from studies shown and experiments carried out coupled with interviews and cases of children and their parents, a parent is not someone who takes care or can take care of the financial and material needs of a child.

Parenting and starting a family life isn’t just all about giving your child all he needs or all that he asks for. It’s not all about sending the child to the best school in town, in the state or even in the whole country. It is not just all about getting your child eventful birthday parties or getting every ticket to Disney land or every park in the state.

All these are important, very important because every parent wants his or her child to have a fun-filled and very easy life. No parents want their child to go through the kind of hardship they went through as children or as they grew up.

Take, for instance, a parent or a father who ate beans every morning, drank garri in the afternoon, and ate swallow in the night every day of his life as a child would definitely not want that kind of life for his child. He would want to give his child all kinds of variety when it comes to food. But, parenting isn’t just all about all these.

Questions you might ask yourself as a parent today

As a parent-to-be, a new parent, or parents who have been in the game of parenting for a reasonable amount of time, you need to ask yourself, can I be mentally available for my child?

Will I be able to separate the worlds of my work and my child?

Will I be able to give them ample time, attention, and love that he or she needs? Can I be my child’s best friend?

Will I be able to set my child on the right path?

Will I be able to show my child the love of God?

Will I be able to guide my child so that he or she does not make the mistakes I made as I grew?

Can I be able to be a solid confidant that my child can always talk to and bare his or her heart?

Can I be a perfect role model for my child?

There are so many children who were provided with everything that could ever be asked for by a child but the void in their hearts has made them take drastic decisions that affected their lives negatively in one way or the other.

It’s no longer breaking news. We see it happen every day. The sad thing is that there are still many children who are on this path to turn out this way or even worse because their parents couldn’t pay enough attention to them and to details.

O.A. Battista said, ‘the best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day’.

Jodi Picoult also said, ‘parents aren’t the people you came from, they’re the people you want to be when you grow up’.

Are you in place to make sure your children can be like you or better still, a better version of you as they grow?

Parenting in these modern times is a blessing. Children are blessings and should be treated and pruned as roses. The foundation on which you lay the life of your child determines the kind of individual your child will grow to become.

It takes more than the parents of a child to raise a child, the community is included, the school has a part to play and social media also has its influence. But, in all these, we must remember that charity begins at home.

How is the foundation of your child? How are you planning to lay the foundation of your child?

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